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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh FAQ and Solution

Views: 9     Author: Sofia     Publish Time: 2021-02-05      Origin: Site Inquire

Hebei Zhaotong Wire Mesh Co., Ltd was founded in 1997. After about ten years of development, we provide services for our clients who come from more than 60 countries and regions, main products: wire mesh, polyester mesh, fiberglass mesh, and wire mesh processed products.

   We have 3 production factories, more than 5000 employees, more than 6000 sets of production and testing equipment. The main production equipment: Sulzer Gripper weaving Looms from Switzerland, JAGER BK600 weaving looms from Germany, JUNGENS JP-2000 weaving looms from Germany, TEXO FORMSTAR looms from Sweden, Germany Babcock heat setting machines, WIS SC-3 Automatic insertion machines from Austrian, Japan RGK-13000 metal wire mesh Automatic weaving machine, Kyoto RD Automatic Calender machine, the world`s most advanced screen productive equipment and some domestic equipment, support association in the production capacity and the level of technical equipment.

Today want to introduce some questions to you.

Q: Will stainless steel mesh rust over time?

A: Stainless mesh is extremely rust-resistant. While no mesh is totally rustproof, stainless steel should last for a long time.

Q: Do you cut stainless wire mesh to size?

A: Yes, we will cut anything in our inventory to your specifications, including stainless mesh. In some cases, we have to charge for the entire stock size piece.

Q: Do you have a minimum size order requirement for stainless steel mesh?

A: No, you may order any size stainless mesh that you need.

Call us Toll-Free at 0086 0311 85236281 and speak to one of our sales associates about the different stainless steel mesh sizes we have in stock.

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