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Polyester Silk Screen for drying and filtering

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Polyester silk screen is a kind of textile machinery that uses different weaving methods for knitted nets. The drying and filtering of polyester screen is perfect. Polyester silk screen has high strength, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and long life. Therefore, flour, wastewater treatment, sugar refining, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, food (fruit and vegetable juice extraction), paper, printing and washing industries are widely used.

High quality polyester filter bag industrial vacuum cleaners are used in pollution control systems.

General specification for polyester screen:

Size: 20 mesh / inch 420 mesh / inch

Maximum width: 3750mm

Size of polyester screen printing:

Features: low elongation and high tensile strength

Material: 100% polyester yarn

Mesh number: 25 mesh to 420 mesh

Width: 115cm and 165CM

Nylon monofilament screen printing mesh size:

Material: 100% nylon monofilament diameter 0.35 mm

Mesh number: 70 mesh to 330 mesh

So 0.70mm thick

Width: 115cm and 165CM

The low-elongation monofilament polyester silk screen is a product of various meshes that we currently produce. Our products have more advantages than traditional monofilament polyester fibers. obvious advantage. Polyester mesh has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, good breathability and long service life. Products have various sizes and sizes and scientific specifications.

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