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Square Hole Sintered Mesh

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Square Hole Sintered Mesh is a multi-layer sintered flat sintered square mesh network, due to the high open area of the square hole network, made of sintered net with high permeability, low resistance, large flow and so on. Widely used in rectification, powder delivery, air diffusion, drying, cooling, soaking and other functional areas

Square Hole Sintered Mesh Character:

High porosity, uniform gas distribution, easy backwash, corrosion resistance, high temperature

Standard size:500*1000mm, 600*1200mm, 1000*120mm

Standard material:316L

Square hole sintered mesh

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We have 3 production factories,more than 500 employees,more than 600sets of production and testing equipment.The main production equipments: Sulzer Gripper Weaving Looms from Switzerland,JAGER BK600 weaving looms from German,JUNGENS JP-2000 weaving looms from Germany,TEXO FORMSTAR looms from Sweden,Germany Babcock heat setting machines,WIS SC-3 Automatic insertion machines from Austrian,Japan RGK-1300 metal wire mesh Automatic weaving machine,Kyoto RD Automatic Calender machine,the world’s most advanced screen productive equipments and some domestic equipments,support association in the production capacity and the level of technology equipment. 

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