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Are Nylon Resin Meshes suitable for high temperature environments?

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Nylon Resin Mesh suitable for high temperature environments has a precise mesh opening, count, and open area percentage. This woven filter material can be supplied in small to very large pore sizes not commonly seen with membranes. Reking supplies Nylon Mesh in pore sizes ranging from 10um all the way up to 1030um.


The nylon 66 used as the raw material enhances the comprehensive mechanical properties of the material; the polytetrafluoroethylene enhances the weather resistance and wear resistance; the graphite can enhance the weather resistance and perform a self-lubricating function; the diamine is utilized to modify the graphite, thereby enhancing the interface interaction between the graphite oxide and nylon and obviously enhancing the high temperature resistance; and the production technique is simple and has the advantages of stable quality and no environmental pollution.


Nylon screen filter cloth is one of the filter cloths we use extensively. It consists of woven fabric. Filter cloth, filter bags and filter tubes can be made according to customs requirements or for different purposes.

Nylon filter&printing mesh       the Nylon filterprinting mesh

Feature of Nylon Resin Mesh suitable for high temperature environments:

Firstly, it has high durability and optimum tension. All threads are the best or imported in China.

In addition, we should pay attention to appearance, standard size. Since they all adopt the world's advanced imported production line.

Moreover, the Nylon Resin Mesh is clean and never bleach because of its natural yellow line, no dyeing, strict cleaning, never fade and block the net.

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