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  • Fiberglass Filter Mesh For Metal Cast Advantage Low cost,accurate and clean addition,not capable to change metal element, good efficiency of filtering slags,low gas evolution. Heat-resistant,ablation-resistant,stable chemical stability,abrasion-resistant and superior strength.


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  • Square Hole Sintered Mesh is a multi-layer sintered flat sintered square mesh network, due to the high open area of the square hole network, made of sintered net with high permeability, low resistance, large flow and so on. Widely used in rectification, powder delivery, air diffusion, drying, cooling, soaking and other functional areas


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  • Stainless steel expanded metal is simply a metal sheet that has been simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid, non-traveling mesh with diamond-shaped openings.Because of its favorable strength-to-weight ratio, expanded metal has hundreds of uses, from air filters to patio furniture to walkways


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  • Hebei Zhaotong Wire Mesh Co., Ltd was founded in 1997. After about ten years of development, we provide services for our clients who come from more than 60 countries and regions, main products: wire mesh, polyester mesh, fiberglass mesh, and wire mesh processed products.


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