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Tea infuser/Tea Strainer/Tea ball

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Tea ball

Tea infuser/Tea Strainer/Tea ball

        Round shape, simple shape, generous design! Exquisite workmanship, fine wire weaving, even size of the gap, tea crumbs not easy to leak out! Easy to use, practical!

        Product description: when cooking meat, stew, boil soup, put large materials, or used to eat hot pot, put ingredients, will not contaminate the soup, tea can also be made, super useful things. Buy now. When cooking, some seasoning sauce (such as sichuan peppercorns) after use, want to get out of the food, one after another is troublesome and not clean. Korea sauce boiling net solved this problem, you just need it to open, put the sauce in, then put it into the pot boil, cook it and bring it out directly from the pot OK!

        Usage & use: rotate the ball lock, open the hemisphere, put the required material into it, and then close the two hemispheres. This product is easy to take, easy to put and easy to operate.

        1.Tea filter/tea infuser: open the ball, put the tea into the tea, and place the ball in the teapot. After a while, the fragrance of the tea leaves will diffuse and make you feel comfortable. Simple, clean and practical, tea is also convenient to change. The design of reticulated tea balls enables the strong flavor of tea in the tea infuser to dissolve into water as soon as possible, and the tea can't leak out. When tasting tea, the tea will not be troubled by the tea residue. It's convenient and time-saving.

         2.flavor seasoning ball/treasure box/slag insulation: use the product, can filter the tea, the original grain coffee, brine ingredients and soup pot, medicinal materials to prevent dispersed suspension drinking inconvenience to people can also be used for spices, camphor stowed. The design of the mesh, can send out fragrance, convenient and easy to use.


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