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Barbecue to welcome new colleagues Liu Huanqing

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Barbecue to welcome new colleagues Liu  Huanqing

We just got a newcolleague named Liuhuanqing this week,who is a lovely girl we all like so much.She is a senior studentin Huihua Institution.In spite of her a little fat,she is so honest.I was stunned by that she drink so much bear,which indicated her generous and outgoing,whch named shizai in China.

In response to the value proposation contained humanization,Our company decided to go out to eat barbecue down the street.We just order lots of giant lobster that is a little hot.Eating with beer and lobster,no word could express my mood enough.

About 8 clock,well,ladies went for a shop,gentlemen remained to continue for a beer.We just sat listen the story of brother Yao,who like watching video with beauty and playing game.

Around 11 clock,I ride back,they drived home.What?Drived home?For a record,they called Substitute Driver Which is a emerging industry.

What a wonderful day!

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