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We Just Do The Best Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

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stainless steel wire mesh

  Hebei Reking Wire Mesh Co., Ltd is famous of wire mesh in China. This company specialize in manufacturing of stainless steel filter.


  Stainless steel filter has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance. There are different grades of stainless are used in wire cloth. SS 304 is that the commonest,however different are used in specific applications to take advantage of each grade's unique properties.


  Stainless steel wire mesh is extensively used in mining, industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry. Stainless steel filters mesh can be woven into various shapes. For exemple single layers, multilayer, round, rectangular, waist, oval and so on. Stainless steel filters are often customized to meet specific client necessities.

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