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Stainless Steel Wire Safety Gloves

Views: 1     Author: Gerry Xing     Publish Time: 2018-05-15      Origin: Site Inquire

 Stainless Steel Wire Safety Gloves

   Cut-resistant gloves are a kind of metal gloves. Wire gloves are made from countless small rings. Its role is to protect the hand from being cut during the operation of the cutting machine. Anti-cut gloves can be divided into three fingers and five fingers.

   Mainly used in meat processing companies and individuals, large-scale hotels and guesthouses, chain supermarkets, etc., personnel operating equipment to bring this glove, to protect the hands and wrists, safe and reliable operating equipment, improve processing efficiency.

  Qualified wire gloves should have the following characteristics:

  1, high-quality stainless steel, nylon belt.

  2. Excellent anti-wear, anti-cut, anti-stamp protection, comfortable to wear and easy to clean

  3. Single gloves can be used interchangeably by adjusting the straps.

  4, safety and health, easy to clean.

  5, protection level reaches 5 grades.

  6, cuffs have a Velcro or button to choose from, easy to remove.

  Clean Edit

  1. Wash gloves with soapy water (50 degrees Celsius) or hot water mixed with detergent (50 degrees Celsius) at least once a day.

  2. Wash the gloves in a cool and ventilated place.

  3. Do not clean steel wire gloves with hard objects.

  4. When using, avoid sharp objects touching the surface of the glove.

  Purchase and Use Considerations Edit:In addition to considering materials, uses, and prices, you must also take care of employees' opinions and choose to participate in the selection of models and styles. It is worth noting that the user must understand the restrictions on the use of gloves and care, these data can be found in the glove's instructions or labels. For example, cut-resistant gloves are not completely cut-proof. They are only suitable for hand-operated knives, and knit-fiber gloves do not resist serrated or wavy blades.

  In life, or sanitation workers should not use cut-resistant gloves when repairing barbed flowers. Because cut-proof gloves are made of steel wire, there are many dense holes that allow the penetration of stings. Cut-proof gloves are designed for people's long-term industrial safety. In long-term use, often contact with a sharp object, the glove will inevitably appear small holes, if the glove hole is too large, it may threaten the safety of the user, then gloves need to be repaired or replaced.


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