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Stainless Steel Reverse Mesh

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-12-06      Origin: Site Inquire

  The stainless steel reverse mesh is a specially designed filter product with different diameter wires: the weft is thicker than the warp. And it has higher tensile strength, more durable and stronger than ordinary woven mesh.

   The stainless steel reverse mesh is widely used in filters, with excellent filtering performance, rust and corrosion resistance. It also plays an important role in industries such as machinery, plastic products, chemical fiber, food or medicine.

  Stainless steel reverse dutch wire mesh features:

      High hardness and tensile strength;
      Zero aperture
      Excellent filtration performance;
      Good acid and alkali resistance;
      Anti-rust and corrosion resistance;
      Beautiful surface.

Stainless steel reverse dutch wire mesh applications:

    For filter plates, filter tubes, fine filter media;
    Play a role in chemical, petroleum, plastic products, metallurgy, aerospace, foo

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