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Some information about sintered mesh

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  1 micron steel mesh filter membrane or the sheet



Sintered metal fiber felt is composed of micron metal fiber mesh, which produced by spread and sintered in high temperature. the sintered metal fiber felt will get the supreme filter efficiency and high dirt holding capacity depending on the different aperture. the stainless steel fiber felt overcomes the disadvantages, such as easy blockage, low capacity etc.


1.High temperature resistance, resistance to thermal shock.

2.Corrosion resistant,applicable to variety of acid and corrosive medium.

3.High strength,good toughness, suitable for high pressore environment.

4.Weldable easy loading and unloading.

5.Hole shape stablity, unform distribution,guarantee the stability of filtering performance.

6.The regeneration performance is good.

7.Filtration performance after repeat washing of regeneration to restore more than 90%.

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