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Polyester screen mesh used for drying and filtration

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Polyester mesh is a kind of woven wire mesh that adopts different weaving methods of textile machinery. Polyester mesh is one of the best materials for screen printing, drying and filtering in the world. With the characters of corrosion resistance, high strength, good wear resistance and long service life, it is widely used in screen printing, beneficiation, flour, wastewater treatment, sugar production, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, food (fruit and vegetable juice pressing), papermaking and coal washing industry.

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For example, a polyester mesh having a 0.9 mm to 1.0 mm hole has a thickness of about 1.73 mm and can withstand a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius in a pasta factory. Polyester woven mesh with or without vinyl coating can be used in the manufacture of floor mops. Industrial vacuum cleaner for pollution control systems High quality polyester filter bag rolls.

Reking supplies high-quality polyester nets and polyester net products, covering polyester single screens, stainless steel screen printing nets, polyester spiral nets, sludge dewatering belts, flour nets, polyester filters, polyester drying nets, etc. Stainless steel screen printing is also available. Net and stainless steel mesh filter.

We have the most advanced testing instruments and technical personnel. After expert training, the manufacturing process is subject to strict quality inspection. Therefore, we guarantee that our products have reliable quality. Our polyester filters are made of imported high quality materials and are one of the most advanced high-tech fabric products in the field of screen printing.

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