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Plain Weave Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric

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Today, high quality monofilament polyester mesh fiber is the most suitable mesh fabric. It is round and smooth with excellent elongation and strength properties. It has no loss of strength when wet and actually absorbs less than 0.8% of water. 

Plain Weave Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric has several excellent properties such as solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance. Also, when acted upon by severe external pressure, its physical performance is stable and stretchability is low. However, Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric has poor abrasion resistance compared to nylon.

Benefits of Plain Weave Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric:

  • Faster tension without damaging the thread

  • Improve fabric strength

  • Faster tension stability

  • Higher tension thresholds and breakpoints

  • Reduce tension loss during stretching

  • Shorter turnaround time from screen room to press room

  • Improved registration due to stable tension

  • Faster printing

Due to their dimensional stability, polyester pringting meshes are suitable for applications that require critical control of the registration, such as printing on printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Plain Weave Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric is used for a variety of substrates in a variety of fields. For other printing methods, the ink does not adhere to certain types of substrates. Screen printing can be used for some of these substrates.

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