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High quality 73 micron polyester mesh from China

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Polyester meshes have many advantages, such as ink transparency, ink brilliance and choice of various decorative patterns andso on.It is widely used in our daily life.With high quality material, Reking produces super quality polyester mesh.

73 micron polyester mesh description:

Mesh: 20 mesh-460 mesh

Width: 1m-3.6m

Thickness: 0.056mm-0.3mm

Color: white / yellow / black and other required colors.


73 micron polyester mesh feature:

a. High tension and low elasticity, reduce tension loss after high strength

b. High temperature resistance and strong water resistance.

c. Fast filtering speed.

d. Calender screen is smoother.

e. Have accurate and standard grids to ensure uniformity.

Faster printing speed and better printing results


Application of polyester mesh:

1. Polyester screen can transfer thick ink deposits and has special effects, making it the best price for printing high-quality commercial clothing, T-shirts, etc.

2. For printing knitted fabrics, high-end textile decoration.

3. Polyester mesh is widely used in the ceramic industry, such as tableware, tiles, pottery or fine porcelain.

4. Polyester screen can print challenging strong colors and gorgeous decoration on glass and PCB.


polyester mesh application

For general screen printing jobs, consider the following guidelines:

1. 40-61 meshes-the number of meshes considered extraordinary. They are used in low light, glitter and high-density inks. Shimmers and flashes contain particles that cannot pass through finer screens.

2. 86 mesh-considered to be coarse mesh, will provide a large amount of ink deposition for high opacity. It is usually used to print a bold copy on dark fabric. A typical use is to provide a white undertone for sports appearance.

3. 110 mesh-considered to be a medium line sieve, so far it is the industry choice for "all-around" mesh. Great for spot colors and text.

4. 156 mesh-considered to be a medium mesh. It is typically used for printing on light-colored fabrics with regular details and medium ink deposition.

5. 200-240 mesh number-it is considered to be a fine mesh number, which can be printed on white or light-colored products with soft hand feeling. Ideal for high-detailed artwork. It can accommodate larger halftones, but it is not recommended for four-color printing or halftone printing with fine details.

6. 305 and higher screen counts-considered to be very fine screen counts, for very high-detail textile printing as well as fine halftone four-color printing and analog printing.


White or yellow polyester silk screen?

The white screen-printed grid is the more economical of the two and is mainly used when the number of grids with the less detailed design is small. Higher count grids are usually dyed yellow because yellow is an offsetting factor for UV and prevents refraction along the grid lines when the screen is burned. This allows for more focused and precise exposure, making the screen as sharp as possible.

polyester mesh process

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