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Corporate Culture - Faraway

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Corporate Culture - Faraway

About our company, we have a lot want to say.

We are local manufacturer, not only trading company, and we believe loyalty and quality are the key to a successful business transaction. 

Please feel free to contact me, and nylon & polyester mesh free samples are available for you.


Mainly Products: AISI stainless steel chain conveyor belt mesh use for egg tray machine ,Stainless Steel Mesh, Iron Wire Mesh, Filter Mesh, etc. screen printing and filtration related products.

Exported Countries: America, Germany, Japan, Britain, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Mexico, etc all over the world.

But our company also is a company which focus on the combination of work and entertainment

In China, there is an old saying “Spring is coming, and the season of walking is here.” On this sunny day, we have ushered in our company’s first ever outing!

Although it is an outing, it is also a competition event. Three of our company’s generals participated in the 25km walking competition and achieved excellent results in the competition


Let me share some of the scenery along the way for everyone.


Although this is the first time we participated in the event, this is not the last time we will. We will continue to work hard later to strive for a better ranking.

Hebei Reking wire mesh co.,Ltd, fighting!

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