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77T Polyester Printing Mesh

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The mesh number of 77T Polyester Printing Mesh is considered to be a fine mesh number, has high tension and low elongation, has excellent tear resistance and dimensional stability, and 77T Polyester Printing Mesh  will provide a detailed print with a softer hand, which allows for more Light ink deposits. 77T Polyester Printing Mesh is widely used in textile, graphic, PCB and other printing.

Reking 's precise printing results will provide reliable and economical processes for (PCB, FPCB)

The Reking screen printing mesh series is especially suitable for (PCB, FPCB). It has low and average latitude extension, high tensile strength and good adhesion. Ensure stable and precise circuit patterns for maximum efficiency.

Application range of 77T Polyester Printing Mesh

  • Printed circuit board (PCB, FPCB)

  • Composite screen printing plate (SMT)

  • Combination screen

Physical properties of 77T Polyester Printing Mesh

  • Low elongation

  • Good mechanical properties

  • It does not have whitening and light stability, so it does not decompose over time when exposed to broad-spectrum ultraviolet light.

  • Not sensitive to climate impacts

  • Good flexibility

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