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64T 64W Polyester Screen Printing Mesh For Textile

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64T 64W Polyester Screen Printing Mesh For Textile transfers thick ink deposits and produces special effects, making it thebest process for printing high quality commercial apparel. 64T 64W Polyester Printing Mesh(screen printing nets) of 30 mesh/inch to 300 mesh/inch are commonly used for T-shirt/garment printing.

Any ink deposit and any ink system can use a wider range of widths in flat textile printing. In this area, polyester printing screens can be used for printed knit fabrics, felts, chiffons and even denim. The polyester printing mesh we use for textiles now has a width of up to 145 inches.

Printing with any ink type completely saturates the front and back of the fabric, making polyester screen printing one of the best ways to decorate high-end textiles. The recommended polyester screen printing mesh for textile is higher than 200 mesh/inch.

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