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2019 Best Stainless Steel Filter Disc Strainer

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Filter disc strainer also named wire mesh filter disc, screen filter disc, stainless steel filter disc strainer.It is formed of metal wire mesh.

Specification of stainless steel filter disc strainer:

Material type: stainless-steel 201,304 316 316L,2080,601,carbon steel,iron,copper,brass Shape:rectangle,square,round,oval,circular,rectangular,cap,waist and abnormity

Structure:single layer,double layer or multi-layer

Edge treatment:edge surrounded with stainless-steel sheet,bigger stainless-steel wire, mesh folded then spot welded

Raw material:stainless plate,woven wire mesh,sintered wire mesh,expanded wire mesh,perforated wire mesh,wedge Wire screen,black wire mesh,galvanized wire mesh then on filtering rate:2-400micron

Hole shape:diamond,rectangle,round,square and other special kinds as per customer's requirement.

Size:desinged consistent with customer's requirement


Features of stainless steel filter disc strainers:

1. The filter effect is extremely stable: within the production process selected high-quality raw materials, in order that    it's tough to use within the process of deformation;

2. The strength of large: high-quality materials with high, can withstand greater work intensity;

3. Simple cleaning: single layer of filter material with an easy cleaning characteristics, especially for backwashing;

4. With hot temperature performance: the very best can withstand about 480 ℃ high temperature;

5. With corrosion resistance: chrome steel raw materials itself features a high corrosion resistance and wear resistance;

6. Easy to process: high-quality materials, whether it's cutting, bending, stretching, welding and other procedures are often completed alright.


 If special external and instal lational dimensions were required, it can be manufactured for you.








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