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13-165T Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric

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More than 40 years ago, polyester was introduced into the screen printing market and quickly replaced traditional silk as the fabric of choice for screen printers worldwide. Due to its tensile strength, elastic memory and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and moisture resistance, polyester screen printing mesh is particularly suitable for screen printing materials.

Three types of polyester screen printing fabrics are used in screen printing, which are monofilaments, low elongation monofilaments and multifilaments. Most screen printers currently use monofilament polyester, but traditional screen printers are rapidly being replaced by "low elongation" fabrics, which brings many new benefits to the screen printing process. Here we mainly introduce low elongation monofilament polyester fabrics, as this is what we now produce.

Polyester screen printing 165T-31 polyester bolt cloth, yellow with high quality domestic and imported raw materials, advanced looms and testing equipment, we can provide first-class polyester.

13-165T Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric Features:

  • High voltage thresholds and breakpoints

  • High modulus, low elongation monofilament polyester yarn

  • Chemical resistant, wear resistant, heat resistant and moisture resistant

  • Minimum tension loss during stretching

  • Improved registration due to stable fabric tension

  • Good antistatic performance

  • No surface treatment

13-165T Polyester Silk Screen Printing Meshes are widely used in electronic PCB printed circuit boards, printing textiles, glass, ceramics, print ads, banners, magazines, electronic displays, high-tech melt filters, for filters, aerospace, petrochemicals, etc.

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