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stainless steel filter metal netting

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Stainless steel filter metal netting generally refers to fine open mesh fabrics made of thin wires and precise apertures. The product is also called plain weave stainless filter mesh, stainless steel plain dutch weave filter. We offer two types of micron filters: braided wire micron mesh and sintered micron mesh.


Stainless steel filter metal nettin material and general dimensions:

Stainless steel plain dutch weave filter material: stainless steel wire 201, 202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 430, etc.


Standard roll width: 1 to 48 inches


Standard roll length: 30 meters to 100 inches


Grid: 1-635mesh


Wire diameter: 0.05-1.5mm (usually 0.25-0.80mm)

5 Micron Stainless Steel Filter Mesh


Stainless steel plain dutch weave filter is a surface filtration type medium. The stainless steel plain dutch weave filter is made by weaving a specific wire in a predetermined pattern to form holes of different shapes and sizes. Ordinary square, twill square, plain Dutch and twill Dutch patterns are common weave patterns.


The multilayer micron metal mesh is sintered from two or more layers (2 to 12 layers) of stainless steel wire mesh and compressed and sintered together in a vacuum. Its micron range ranges from 0.5 microns to 300 microns.

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