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stainless steel chain working gloves

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stainless steel chain working gloves    


A. Specifications of the stainless steel chainmail working gloves


The stainless steel chain working gloves is aslo called butcher steel gloves, or chain mail gloves, or metal gloves.

The stainless steel butcher gloves is made of numorous independent small stainless steel loops mesh, with one twained together with the four loops in different direction next to it, and jioned up with them, so it has strong protection function.

Material: stainless steel small loops, nylon belt with color of blue, red, white, green, brown and orange.

Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

Types: three finger and five finger gloves, to apply to the actual use requirements.


B. Features of the stainless steel chainmail working gloves


The stainless steel chain working gloves is made of high quality stainless steel rings and nylon belt, the excellent cut prevent performance made the metal glove high quality meat-cutting glvoes.

  1).anti-corrosion and antiwear steel chain working gloves

  2).excellent cut resistant and anti-stamp nature butcher steel gloves

  3). convenient to reverse wear just by adjusting the nylon belt, and an odd glove can be wore by the right and left hands.

  4).safety and health, comfortable to wire, and easy to clean metal glove.

  5).The protection grade can reach leave V hand glove.


C. Applications and conservation about the stainless steel safety gloves


Applications: Widely used in the fields of processing meat ware, manufacturing iron machinery, glassmaking, wood processing, making leather industry and other trades which need special hands' protection. Thus it is a necessary tool for the safety production.


Conservation Method: The anti cut glove is light and handy, comfortable and safety.

   1). It is easy to clean, you can wash it using the soap-suds or the hot water mixed the cleaner in.

   2).The cleaned woven gloves should be storaged in the ventilation circumstances.

   3).Please don't use hard materials beating the hand gloves to clean it.

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