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Weaving And Heat Setting For The Polyester Mesh

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Polyester mesh is a woven mesh that uses different weaving methods for textile machines (SULZER P7100, made in Switzerland). Polyester screens are one of the best materials for screen printing, drying and filtration in the world. Polyester mesh has high strength, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and long service life. Polyester Mesh  is therefore widely used in screen printing, beneficiation, flour, wastewater treatment, sugar refining, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, food (sweet juice and vegetable juice press), paper and coal washing industries.

Polyester printing screens can be divided into two different categories: 

Monofilament polyester mesh is the simplest and regular fabric made of a single strand of material. Traditionally, it tends to stretch under tension and, once overstretched, reaches its "plastic deformation" point. To solve this problem, our company offers an advanced product - low elongation polyester printing screen. Single-stranded threads make our screens easy to detail and register. At the same time, it is easy to clean and recycle because its simple construction minimizes the possibility of blockage during printing. In addition, it exhibits a smoother and polished surface than multifilament products.

Multifilament polyester mesh is twisted from multiple strands to form a fabric with a rough surface similar to traditional multifilament silk. And this roughness allows for easy adhesion to the stencil and deposits of a large amount of ink, so it is considered a good choice for printing on textured or contoured surfaces. Multifilament polyester mesh labels are marked with the word "xx", the most common types being 8xx, 10xx and 12xx. In general, the smaller the number, the higher the roughness of the screen display.

Synthetic yarns such as nylon and polyester have high shrinkage. ...the textile is processed under tension at high temperatures during the manufacturing process. This process is called heat setting. During the heat setting process, the crystallinity of the synthetic yarn is altered to provide the desired performance change.

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