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Three tourist attractions in two days

Views: 14     Author: Gerry Xing     Publish Time: 2018-04-25      Origin: Site Inquire

 Three tourist attractions were seen by us in two days.They are the famous Taierhchuang,the exciting Xiang yu's Home and  the beautiful Field under the anakims.The happy mood can not be writted by words.

 We gathered at 6:00am last Saturday at Xiqing Park.But it's already 7 am because of bus's late. It took us moer than 8 hour to get the destination Taierhchuang.WO,it's amazing.But it was funny time wholely.I just had been reading book,watching moves,listening to mustic or enjoying the scenery.Of course,sleeping was necessary.When we got Taierhchuang,it's going to rain.So we made a quick tour.Then we found a restaurant for dinner.When we finished it,the ground was wet.Apparently,it's raining as we were eating.

      So much for today,and it will be updated latered.null-13529cdb281822091524540335742

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