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The profil of Punching net

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Punching nets are holes with different shapes on the same material to suit different needs. It can be used to cross the urban areas of highways, railways, subways and other traffic facilities in the environmental protection noise barriers, building walls, generator rooms, factory buildings, and other noise sources noise insulation noise reduction panels.
It can be used as sound-absorbing material for ceilings and wallboards of buildings; it can be used for exquisitely decorated orifices for building stairs, balconies, and environmental protection tables and chairs; can be used as protective covers for mechanical equipment; gorgeous speaker net covers for food, feed, and mining Grinding screens, mine screens, I-type sieves, kitchen utensils with stainless steel fruit blue, food cover, fruit plate and other kitchen utensils, as well as shopping malls with shelf nets, decorative exhibition booths, ventilation ventilation net for grain storage, football stadium lawn water filtration Water filter. Punching nets are also widely used in the electronics industry, such as acoustic dustproof enclosures, as shown below: Product Features: · Easy to process · Can be painted or polished · Easy to install · Eye-catching appearance · Various thicknesses Plate · Multiple choices of aperture and arrangement · Good sound absorption · Lighter weight · Longer service life · Accurate size punching net is also widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, cigarette rolling machinery, Harvesters, dry-cleaning machines, ironing tables, silencers, refrigeration equipment (central air conditioning) speakers, handicrafts, papermaking, hydraulic fittings, filtration equipment, and other industries.

About the shape, we all can according to your require to make differente shapes, like square,round star etc.

perforated mesh

About the material: as usual is 304/316/316L.

If you want to get the price of perforated mesh, please let me know



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