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The difference between etching mesh and punched mesh

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-08      Origin: Site Inquire

Etching meshes, like punched meshes, can be fabricated in a variety of aperture shapes, but the fabrication process is different and the etching mesh fabrication process is chemical etching. The punching net is a punching machine punching various hole patterns on metal plates of different materials.

etching mesh

Etching mesh technical standards: mechanical production of the smallest wire diameter 0.02mm, etching area of 500mm*600mm, material thickness of 0.02mm-0.5mm, this technology improves the traditional metal processing methods, can be used for making holes and Pattern, the leader of etching technology Qiangang Technology, is widely used in integrated circuit printing, headphones, fluorescent screen electronic grid, precision filtering, micro-electrode elements, flat pins, lead frames, and substrates for the electronics industry.
Industrial use of etching nets: precision filters for oil, chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, filter plates, filter cartridges, and filters. Electronic industry uses metal drain plate, cover plate, plane pin, lead frame, metal substrate. Precision optics and mechanical plane parts, spring parts. Friction plates and other concave-convex flat parts. Metal signs and patterns are complicated metal decorative plates and exquisite handicrafts.

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