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Stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter

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The R&K sintered wire mesh laminate is also called Stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter that is permanently bonded by diffusion annealing. The wire mesh layer can also be combined with a perforated plate or a metal fiber mat depending on stability and filtration requirements. Although mechanical stability is high, diffusion annealing maintains the conforming properties of the fine filter cloth. The flexible manufacturing method enables Far East to produce and develop sintered meshes in small batches, depending on the specifications and needs of each customer.

The R&K stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter consists of five layers of selected metal mesh, which is subjected to multiple calendering and then attenuated into a unit by diffusion annealing.

Feature of the Stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter:

The mechanical stability is extremely high and there is no displacement within the wire cloth structure.

Sintered laminates also have high filtration capacity due to surface filtration and because there is no penetration into the filter media.

Sintered laminates are also easy to clean.

Since the sintered laminate is made of stainless steel (ss304, 316,316L) and other special alloys, it has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance and can be operated at a temperature of -50 ° C to 550 ° C.

Other features include precise pore size distribution and permeability characteristics, excellent processing possibilities (sheet metal characteristics), the ability to produce custom meshes, customer-specific specifications, and the ability to process candles, circles, discs, and more.

Stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter

Stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter

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