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Stainless steel plain filter mesh

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The stainless steel plain filter mesh is also called plain weave stainless filter mesh which is woven by alternately using weft/weft above and below the warp to form a wire web. Twill weave is woven from weft/weft above and below the two warp threads to create a stronger weave. This weaving allows the use of heavier wires, resulting in a stronger wire mesh.


Plain weave stainless filter mesh application:

Both weaving are economical; plain weave is the most common and economical. Plain weave stainless filter meshWidely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medical and mechanical manufacturing industries. Special sizes and specifications are available upon request.

The use of Stainless Steel Plain Filter Mesh includes:

  • Particle separation and filtration

  • Particle screening

  • Safety and equipment protection

  • Filter and filter the acid and base conditions

Stainless steel plain filter mesh

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