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Stainless steel plain filter mesh

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Stainless steel filter mesh has more finer wires in the weft direction and is woven in a plain weave and twill weave pattern. It is usually rated on the size of the particles it retains, either in absolute micron or nominal micron, expressed in microns.

We usually use Stainless steel plain filter mesh 304, 304L, 316, 316L as the filter medium, to achieve a full range of aperture and performance.

We have the ability to offer a variety of stainless steel filter meshes; single and multiple layers are available. For multi-layer mesh discs, the number and placement of solder joints can be produced according to your specific requirements. We can produce multi-layer mesh discs with welds.

Stainless steel plain filter mesh is utilized as filter fittings for chemical industry, medicine, petroleum, telecommunication, scientific research units, etc.

Stainless steel plain filter mesh and stainless steel wire mesh can be welded together.

Disc material:

 stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh, ordinary steel wire mesh galvanized wire mesh, etc.

Wire mesh disk filter

Disc filtering single layer;

Disc filter multi-level

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