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Stainless steel plain dutch weave filter

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Stainless steel plain dutch weave filter is made of stainless steel wire. Unlike plain woven wire mesh and twill weave, the plain dutch woven mesh has different diameters in the weft and warp directions. Typically, warp threads are thicker lines that provide high tensile strength to the wire web. The weft is a thinner line that ensures excellent filtration performance. This unique structure has greater strength and finer openings and is primarily used as a filter cloth.

Dutch woven mesh can be woven with plain Dutch weave and twill weave. They have their own characteristics and can be used in different applications. There is also a product specially designed and applied - the reverse Dutch woven wire mesh is on another page, the warp is close together and has a finer wire diameter than the warp.

Plain Dutch Woven Wire Mesh is similar to a plain weave mesh, while the warp threads are thicker and closer to each other. This stainless steel woven  wire mesh is mainly used as an industrial filter cloth and separation equipment.

Stainless steel plain dutch weave filter is similar to plain weave, but has a larger diameter warp. The weft threads are driven upwards close to each other, so the openings are tapered or wedge shaped rather than square. This type of wire mesh is tightly woven together and produces a strong wire cloth while allowing for good flow rates.

Stainless steel plain dutch weave filter is woven from two sizes of wire. Smaller wires, as small as micron, used in the weft direction, and woven with larger warp threads. The smaller wires are tightly woven together to provide a tight filter. Larger wires provide strength to the mesh. The primary use of such wire cloth is to filter and separate liquid and slurry products.

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