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Stainless steel disc filter

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Stainless steel disc filters consist of one or more layers of carefully selected stainless steel mesh that are laminated by precision sintering (diffusion bonding) and calendering. Sintering utilizes molecular diffusion to produce uniform metal bonds at each point of metal contact, including wire intersections within the various layers, as well as contact points between each layer. The resulting monolith is permanently bonded and has a highly uniform porosity.

Features of Stainless steel disc filters:

    0.060" in diameter
    T-304L stainless steel standard
    T-316L and T-347 are also available.
    Micron rated from 2 to 100
    Precision punching without burrs
    Ultrasonic cleaning

Benefit of Stainless steel disc filters:

    No media migration
    Uniformly controlled porosity
    Can be used for high pressure reinforcement
    Clean and reusable

Advantage of Stainless steel disc filters:

    Extend component life
    Reduce downtime
    Ensure micron level
    Pressure reduction
    Compatible with most liquids
    Safety factor in critical applications

Sintered stainless steel filter discs are proven in critical aerospace hydraulics, valves, servos, pumps and many other applications. Custom formulations are available for high temperature and extreme pressure applications such as viscous liquid polymers.

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