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Stainless Steel Reverse Mesh

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Stainless Steel Reverse Till Dutch Mesh combines Dutch and twill weave to provide a fine mesh filter cloth. The weaving process allows the use of very thin wires to create filters for gas and liquid applications. We can also provide herringbone and broken pattern reverse twill Dutch weave products.

We usually offer high tensile warp configurations, which are commonly used in automatic screen changers used in the plastics extrusion industry. Stainless Steel Reverse Till Dutch Mesh is resistant to corrosion and rust, due to the tight position of the wire, extremely low absolute grade fineness, acidity and high resistance to alkali and heat.

Stainless Steel Reverse Till Dutch Mesh is made of high quality high strength stainless steel wire. With advanced equipment and exquisite production technology, the net has the advantages of smooth surface, high hardness, continuous mesh, no deformation, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It has excellent filtration performance.

 Features of Stainless Steel Reverse Till Dutch Mesh:

. High-stretch warp copper-coated carbon steel wire for automatic screen changers used in the plastics and rubber extrusion industries.

. Wipe the edges after cutting to help track the automatic screen changer.

. Plasma and laser cutting components help prevent edge line wear.

. 100% inspection of wire cloth for critical applications such as sand screens and aerospace smooth surfaces, high hardness, continuous mesh, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

Application of Stainless Steel Reverse Till Dutch Mesh:

. Suitable for plastic wire drawing machines, stretch film machines, coater filters, plastic woven bags, plastic films, etc.

. Used in plastic recycling filters, otherwise wafer type, single or multi-layer molding machine filters.

. Reverse Dutch filter belts for automotive screen changers are widely used in the plastics extrusion industry. Polymer melt filtration for various parts of plastics processing, such as blown film, blow molding, sheet and film extrusion, filaments and fibers.

. Widely used in belt continuous screen changer. (Automatic screen changer).

. Mainly engaged in plastic extrusion, melt filtration and other plastics industries, suitable for PP, PS, PVC, ABS, PE, PET, etc.

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