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Stainless Steel Five Heddle Mesh

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Stainless Steel Five Heddle Mesh is also called Stainless Steel Dutch Twilled Mesh,  stainless steel reverse dutch weave wire mesh. It is combined with high flow rates and mechanical stability.


These further improved wire mesh/metal fabrics ensure a particularly uniform layer formation of the filter cake by virtue of its smooth top surface. The filter cake is also easy to remove. The back surface of the Stainless Steel Dutch Twilled Mesh body is rough. Thanks to the special weaving method, the filter media can be cleaned very efficiently.


The TELA grid has proven to be particularly successful in filtration systems with drum filters or disc filters where filter cake buildup, cleaning and backwashing are carried out in a continuous cycle.


With this type of weave,every fifth warp wire alternately passes over and under the weft to produce a long or rectangular mesh pattern.The outstanding feature of a five heddle twilled weave is its particularly smooth surface structure.This is extremely beneficial for filtration ,for example, the Stainless Steel Dutch Twilled Mesh enables filter cake to be easily removed. At the same time,the open underside has exceptionally good de-watering efficiency.The stainless steel reverse dutch weave wire mesh provides high flow rates in conjunction with top mechanical quality.

Weave details: 

Stainless Steel Five Heddle Mesh

Filter application:

Waste water filtration (mechanical wastewater cleaning)

Automotive industry (eg exhaust gas filtration)

Process water filtration (industrial water treatment)

Mining (eg disc filtration system)

Distillation tower / purification tower (wire mesh packaging)

Filtration system with continuous cleaning/backwashing

Mesh size >50μm

Data Sheet:

Data Sheet

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