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Stainless Steel Five Heddle Mesh

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Stainless Steel Five Heddle Mesh has a smooth top surface and an open lower surface. It is ideal for withstanding high mechanical strain and excellent filtration performance.

Reking offers a wide range of stainless steel mesh plain weaves, stainless steel wire mesh twill weaves, stainless steel Dutch weave weaves, stainless steel Dutch twill weaves and stainless steel bolt fabrics. Our experienced technicians can produce a variety of weaving patterns, twill weave, plain weave and Dutch weave. On this page, we mainly introduce Stainless Steel Five Heddle Mesh.

Stainless Steel Five Heddle Mesh provide a rectangular opening. The unique design of this mesh helps to increase drainage and flow properties. The mesh also has a smooth surface on one side, which is widely used in the filtration of the petrochemical industry in the form of filter belts and filter elements.


The main materials of the Stainless Steel Five Heddle Mesh are stainless steel wires SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316 and SUS316L.


Stainless Steel Five Heddle Mesh provides high flow rates for high mechanical loads with a slightly structured mesh surface. Stainless Steel Five Heddle Meshes are popular in applications including pressure and vacuum filters and filter candles.


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