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Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

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Reking manufactures custom high performance stainless steel filter mesh and filtration products for all industries, such as wire mesh filters, wire cloth filters and material-specific filters such as stainless steel mesh filters. Use our high quality wire mesh, welded wire mesh, annealed and diffusion bonded wire mesh; we offer stamping, manufacturing and finishing services to produce production filters for your application.

Reking designs and manufactures custom filters for the polymer, petrochemical, power generation and oil and gas industries. Our staff will work with you to create filters that meet your specific application requirements.

Reking professionals can design high performance stainless steel filter mesh for you using our wire mesh, welded wire mesh and diffusion bonded mesh. We can manufacture, stamp and finish elements to meet your exact requirements. We have nickel-based alloys that can be used in manufacturing and custom alloys if needed. Reking is ISO 9001 certified and our products are manufactured to ASTM and industry standards. Contact us today to learn about our custom filtration solutions.

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