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Stainless Steel Filter Discs

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The stainless steel filter disc, also known as the stainless steel screen filter disc, is a metal filter disc. We divide the manufacturing process into three steps. First, we choose high quality stainless steel wire. Second, the stainless steel wire will be woven or perforated. Then, depending on the customer's special requirements, we will choose different materials to edging. More importantly, during the manufacturing process, we can supply stainless steel filter discs of different sizes, different shapes and different weaving methods. All products can be produced according to your specific requirements. The stainless steel filter disc has excellent acid and alkali resistance and can be used under very harsh conditions, especially for acid gas filtration.

The filter disc is made of stainless steel woven mesh, galvanized mesh, sintered mesh, brass mesh and so on. Due to its corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, it is mainly used to remove unwanted impurities from fluids, gases or solids. Filters are available in different materials, sizes and custom designs to meet your different filtration needs. These discs are used in the absorption, evaporation and filtration processes of the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

    Various micron grades.
    Accurate filtration accuracy.
    Multiple layers are available with good mechanical strength and fine filtration.
    No media migration.
    Shape and size to meet customer requirements.
    low cost.
    Maximum protection.
    Minimum pressure drop.
    It can be rinsed repeatedly.

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