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Stainless Steel Dutch Twilled Mesh

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  The stainless steel dutch twilled mesh is that each weft thread alternates through two, then two consecutive warp threads, each warp thread alternates between two and two continuous weft threads. A larger wire diameter than the standard wire diameter can be used.


  The fineness of the stainless steel dutch twilled mesh makes it particularly strong, making it ideal for heavy filtration tasks.These characteristics are achieved by the high material density of this light-resistant metal fabric. The density is provided by a twill weave with a small number of thick warp threads and significantly more weft threads. Due to the complicated manufacturing process, the net has a longer production time than other nets and can keep a stock of pre-assembled twill Dutch weaves for customers.


Filter application of the stainless steel dutch twilled mesh :


     1. Nut strainer

     2.Precoat filter system

     3.Sand control net

     4.Cartridge filter

     5.Aperture> 5 µm

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