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Stainless Steel Dutch Twilled Mesh

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Twill Dutch weave is a commonly used weaving method. Each warp and each weft pass above and below the next two adjacent complementary lines, as in normal twill weave, except that the diameter of the warp is greater than the weft. This allows for a larger number of grids in the latitude. This weave pattern allows the weft to be more densely woven and allows for a smaller hole size without discarding the cloth thickness.

Stainless steel dutch twill mesh provides light-proof braiding, high resistance, due to the tight wire position, extremely low absolute grade fineness (down to 5-6μm), high filtration performance of low viscosity media, it is the best filtration in hydraulics. Stainless steel dutch twill mesh is especially suitable for critical applications such as aerospace, fuel and combustion.

Features of stainless steel dutch twill mesh:

Acid, alkali and corrosion resistant

High tensile strength, wear and durability

High temperature oxidation resistance, the nominal temperature tolerance of 304 stainless steel mesh screen is 800 degrees Celsius, and the nominal temperature tolerance of 310s stainless steel mesh screen can reach 1150 degrees Celsius.

High surface finish, no surface treatment, easy maintenance

Application of stainless steel dutch twill mesh:

Used in screening and filtration in acid and alkaline environments. Also suitable for mining, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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