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Some knowledge of crimped wire mesh

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Crimped wire mesh details:
Material: stainless steel wire 301,302,304,316,316L,320,2520 ECT.
Process: After first rolling,two-way wavebending,locked bending,flat-topped cured,two-way bending,on-way wave bending,rectangular mesh weaving,mesh has woven solid,durable,mesh uniform characteristics.
Mesh count:1mesh-24mesh
Width: 1m/1.05m/1.2m/1.6m/2.0m/3.0m(as request)
Wire Diameter: 0.3mm~2.25mm
Hole size: 1.5mm~50mm
Roll size:25m/30m/50m
Hook: 60-180 degree, C hook available.
Hook Covered edge: galvanized metal or others
Crimped wire mesh features:
Solid structure
Strong impact resistance
Abrasion resistance,low cost
Uniform mesh to keep for a long time, and beautiful
Have very strong palsticity and toughness at room temperature and low temperature,non magnetic,has good resistance to intergranular corrosion.
Crimped wire mesh Application:
Stainless steel crimped wire mesh can be widely used in mining,sand stone,screening of raw coal and constructon,civil,aquaculture intustry,such as isolation and prodection.The stianless steel crimped wire mesh can also be used in acid,alkai conditions of pertoleum,chemical,marine industries such as filtrantion,screen and protection,make continuous glass reinforced,all kinds of industrial use basket,crafts,kitchen,storage basket in the refrigerator.

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