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Some information about printing frame

Views: 2     Author: Sofia     Publish Time: 2018-07-30      Origin: Site Inquire

Features of silk screen aluminum frame:

It has light weight, wide cross section selection, high flexural strength, corrosion resistance (chemical agents, inks, solvents and detergents) and easy cleaning.

Types and characteristics of silk screen aluminum mesh frames:

The aluminum mesh frame is divided into four main profiles: hollow type, “日” type, field type and cross type.

1. Running table printed aluminum frame:

Suitable for running table printing, apparel printing, craft gifts, leather, plastic, plexiglass products and toy printing; the printing operation is mainly manual flow line (running) operation.

2.Electronic aluminum frame:

Suitable for single-sided printed circuit boards, decals, glass printing and other printing precision requirements manufacturers use: printing operations are mainly semi-automatic screen printing machines, some materials are also suitable for manual printing.

printing frame

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