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Precise filtration stainless steel sieve mesh

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Years of experience in manufacturing high quality test sieves

At the same time, people have an in-depth understanding of particle size measurement technology and technology. This allows R&K to develop a wide range of shakers for optimum screening and fast and repeatable results.

Each R&K screen is manufactured separately using the highest quality materials under the most stringent quality control procedures. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.


The micron stainless steel sieve was inspected with an optical measuring instrument at each stage of manufacture. The final inspection is an accurate measurement of the aperture and screen size.


Our company is known as the world's best manufacturer of micron stainless steel sieve. Technology, experience and modern production techniques help ensure that the finished product not only looks and feels from the moment the package is opened, but also provides precision that is second to none.




Quality control analysis and grading of soils, aggregate, minerals, cement, etc.

General Laboratories

Miscellaneous application of particle analysis and determination of particle size, powder process industries, etc.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Oil exploration, fuels, explosives, drugs, medical & pharmaceutical applications (powders etc.)


Confectionery and food manufacture, miscellaneous applications including kernels, etc.


Schools, universities


Research establishments engaged in original and general research. Various applications.


Steel manufacturing organisations, foundries, iron works, etc.

micron stainless steel sieve

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