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Polyester Bolting Cloth for Sifting and Grading

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Polyester nylon 6-13xxx, 20GG-74GG flour for flour filtration

According to national standards, special mesh for Flour Milling Mesh production: GG, XXX, XX series of flour mesh. Cleaner screens, cleaning blocks, canvas, screen grid, wooden screen core, high screen aluminum screen and other accessory components. The product quality is reliable, durable, and the screen has good anti-static effect. The products are well received by large flour enterprises at home and abroad.


The feature of Flour Milling Mesh:

The screen maintains high tension (polyester moisture absorption is poor)

The best product for your screen (standard screen width)

Help you achieve the ideal grading screen (rough screen surface)

Specification of the Flour Bolting cloth as follow:

nylon mesh specification

nylon mesh specification

nylon mesh specification

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