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Plain Weave Monofilament Micron Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh

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Plain Weave Monofilament Micron Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh


In the ceramics industry, silk screen for screen printing mesh is the prime method of giving such articles individual character.
ndirect Ceramic printing is a kind a process technology that is made of different printing plates, with different plate and process, using special ceramic material and different bonding material rolling into the printing ink, then print on the ceramic or print on the qualities of paper directly, and transferred to ceramic with high temperature roasting. Screen printing, as a printing method of the printing, is widely used.
For silk screen printing mesh, ceramics are a stiff challenge. High abrasion resistance coupled with high resolution is required. Ornate details in gold, platinum and often magnificent colors of all shades can put a printed ceramic in a world of its own


For PCB print:

The ongoing miniaturization and increased performance of printed circuit boards puts ever-increasing demands on their manufac- turers. 
Silk Screen for screen printing mesh is the method of choice for the production of printed electronics and thickfilm components. It allows you to realize a wide range of printed film thicknesses with maximum production speed, various ink systems and particle sizes. whether as combination or pure polyester stencil.


For textile print:

Clothes make the man: And the excellent our silk screen for screen printing meshes combined with your level of experience thereby guarantee the most beautiful designs. Also transform the printed materials of interior decorations of ordinary apartments into fashion statements. So regal, so colorful, so ornate, such high quality: Screen printing makes it possible.
And creativity has many attractive faces – t-shirts that are screen printed become (much) more than purely functional garments. Refined, opulent, lively, tangible, individual: Screen printing impresses with its excellent color brightness and opacity, and its almost limitless possibilities in the implementation of creative ideas and effects.

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