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Nylon polyamide printing screen filter mesh

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Nylon polyamide printing screen filter mesh 

Nylon screen printing mesh is a polyamide mesh that is famous for nylon in other parts of the world. Nylon mesh is the oldest monofilament chemical fiber mesh for industrial screen printing. The key properties of nylon are mechanical resistance, excellent elasticity and very good ink flow. These characteristics make Nylon polyamide printing screen filter mesh the best choice applications involving the use of highly abrasive inks (such as ceramic inks) and applications where the mesh needs to perform and adapt to substrate shapes (3D objects).


• Standard polyamide mesh

• High wear resistance

• High print performance of 3D objects

• Very good ink flow

The main application of nylon printing screen is to print solid objects with three-dimensional quality. These applications typically use a grid size of 77 threads per inch or higher and include products such as bottles, containers and advertising materials. However, nylon screen printing meshes are also a good choice when printing tiles and decals for ceramics and glass. For any of these applications, nylon screen printing meshes are particularly flexible and provide excellent printing results even on the most difficult surfaces.

Nylon polyamide printing mesh size:

60 mesh / inch, 80 mesh, inch 100 mesh / inch, 110 mesh / inch, 120 mesh / inch, 135 mesh / inch, 160 mesh / inch, 180 mesh / inch, 200 mesh / inch , 230 mesh / inch, 250 mesh / inch, 280 mesh / inch, 305 mesh / inch, 355 mesh / inch, 380 mesh / inch, 420 mesh / inch.

Polyamide printing mesh width:

maximum. Width: 3200mm. The width can vary according to customer requirements.

We may also accept orders to produce polyamide screens with other special requirements.

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