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Nylon Mesh Screen for mariculture

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Use Nylon Mesh Screen to grow, feed and capture in fish farms, marine farms, fish hatcheries, salmon farms, shrimp farms, oyster farms and many other applications for making cages, trays and traps. Nylon Mesh  is also a good predator barrier. Durable and lightweight, Nylon Mesh is a great way to defend against egrets, herons, seagulls, birds and raptors.

Synthetic nylon screen has many aquaculture and laboratory uses. Filter unwanted organisms, brine shrimp farming, juvenile fish farming, custom mesh production, filter bags and invertebrate nets. Nylon is resistant to bacteria, detergents, acids and insects. Screening is typically 40"-44" wide and is only sold by linear yards. 1 linear code = 10 square feet. This product is not subject to UV light. Nitex is sold in microns based on the size of its mesh. One thousand microns is equal to one millimeter. The nylon mesh has a mesh size ranging from 5 microns to 2000 microns. High temperature and high pressure disinfection.

Nylon Mesh Screen for mariculture is the best choice for many aquaculture and laboratory applications, including filtration of pests; saltwater shrimp farming; larvae and carp breeding; pipe networks, filter bags and nets. Nylon is resistant to bacteria, detergents, acids and insects. This screening is 36 inches wide and is sold by yard length (1 yard = 36 inches = 91 cm). 1 linear code = 9 feet 2 = 1 code 2. Does not contain UV inhibitors.

Nylon Mesh Screen for mariculture has many characteristics:

Chemical resistance

Can be used over a wide temperature range

Easy to make

Easy to clean


Will not rust or rot

UV stable and long service life

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