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Nylon Mesh Screen for flour processing

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Reking has a wide range of Nylon Mesh Screen for flour processing with stable mesh, which makes differentiation more customer benefits.

Nylon mesh for hard and soft grain milling processing is a bolt filter made of high quality nylon or polyester thread and is widely used in the food industry for grain screening, screening and grinding applications. Made of 100% polyester or nylon plastic, PET, PP and other durable synthetic materials.

Features and advantages of nylon mesh used as a flour screen:

1. Precise opening and screening;

2. High gas permeability;

3. Acid and alkali resistance;

4. Long working life;

5. Hard wear;

6. Good elasticity and tension;

7. Abrasion resistance, weather resistance;

8. Smooth surface.

Nylon Mesh Screen for flour processing is mainly used for coarse screening and peeling screening, with greater elasticity. Nylon flour mesh can replace stainless steel mesh. The wear resistance of nylon mesh is better than polyester mesh. Nylon mesh used as a flour screen is made of monofilament and double wire, and the double wire is interwoven to make the mesh surface rougher, thereby improving the screening effect, because it uses thicker wire weaving, which reduces the opening area and gives it a longer service life.

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