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Monofilament Nylon Printing Mesh

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Nylon mesh, also known as polyamide mesh, is a woven mesh made of 100% nylon monofilament yarn, which is woven and heat-set. We can produce plain weave mesh from 10mesh (4T) to 350mesh (140T) for twill weaving up to 600 mesh (240T). For the use of screen printing, a plain weave mesh is generally used because the mesh opening is more uniform than the twill weave, but depending on the screen printing requirements, it is also possible to use twill weave, such as screen printing of shoes.

Features of Monofilament Nylon Printing Mesh:

1) Smooth surface

2) Good ink permeability

3) High viscosity and particle size inks can be used to ensure fine pattern printing.

4) Good elasticity, good flexibility, good adaptability to the substrate, suitable for screen printing of convex and curved products.

5) good tensile strength


Monofilament Nylon Printing Mesh is plain weave with PA6 and PA66 materials. It is widely used in textile printing, garment printing, glass printing, PCB printing and various industrial filtration and separation.

1) Since the nylon mesh has a higher elongation than the polyester, it is necessary to increase the stretching tension to ensure that there is no problem in screen printing.

2) Non-acid resistant, so pay attention to acid, formic acid and other erosion.

3) Avoid using light from nylon mesh materials because UV light has little effect on the mesh.

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