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Microns Nylon Mesh Filter Screening

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Reking produces a wide range of high quality precision polyamide meshes and nylon mesh for screen printing and filtration. You can be confident in our market-oriented mesh products, which are constantly designed to meet the highest standards. Nylon filters can also be sewn into mesh bags for different liquid filtration.

Microns Nylon Mesh Filter Screening are unique due to their large, uniform pores. As a result, they often

Used to isolate individual cells or even whole organisms (such as worm C. elegans).

Microns Nylon Mesh Filter Screening is available in a variety of sizes including mesh opening, opening area, mesh count (threads per inch) and thread diameter. Microns Nylon Mesh Filter Screening is nylon 6/6 with effective abrasion resistance and alkali resistance. The softening point is between 170 ° C and 230 ° C and the melting point is between 210 ° C and 250 ° C. Some component supply customers have successfully autoclaved this material; however, for most applications involving autoclave sterilization, polyester mesh is recommended.The nylon strainer is made of monofilament nylon thread for excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Microns Nylon Mesh Filter Screening is widely used in filtration in industries such as liquids, air and petroleum. The nylon filter has thin wires.

Features of Microns Nylon Mesh Filter Screening

 Chemical resistance

 Thinner monofilament structure

 Fine mesh for better filtering performance

 Better ductility and resilience

 Can be used with perforated or woven filter media

 Suitable for filtering hard and high viscosity liquids

 Easy to clean and maintain

 Cost effective

 Choice of plastic frame and metal frame

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