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Micron stainless steel sieve

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-31      Origin: Site Inquire

According to the JIS standard, the micron stainless steel sieve is defined such that each wire should vertically intersect, shaping a regular square as the hole in the screen (plain weave). When one side of the square hole size (aperture) is less than 45 μm, and the mesh can be woven into a twill by a wire (twill weave).

Meet JIS Standard, the R&K screen includes two types of wire cloth:

(1) when the hole diameter exceeds 2.36 mm, the flat top weave,

(2) When the aperture is less than 38μm, twill

(3) If the hole size is too big,it also can be made into punching mesh

About the frame,the standard diameter is 20cm and 30 cm,if you want OEM,we can open a mould special for you, the height is 5cm,material most is stainless steel and copper.

Durable stainless steel test sieves Micron stainless steel sieve


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