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Flour Milling Mesh Fabric

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Flour Milling Mesh Fabric / (factory quote) GG XX XXX flour net as our main product, established around the world with excellent quality and reasonable price. As a professional China Flour Milling Mesh Manufacturer, it is produced from high quality monofilament polyester yarn imported from Japan (high count network) and is the best quality in China (low count network). Wire mesh flour filter / (factory quote) GG XX XXX flour mesh is one of our widely used in the milling industry, such as flour processing, corn crushing and other grain processing. The mesh is plain and the quality is FDA compliant.


R&K flour screens and strainers come in different series to suit your needs, including GG series, PDM and MF series, PA and PET materials, as well as XX and XXX series, two materials, polyester and nylon materials. Filter.


For polyester screens, items from 18 mesh to 420 mesh and nylon mesh, from 13 mesh to 360 mesh items.


As a China Flour Milling Mesh Manufacturer, we have a production capacity of 2,000,00 m / s, we can meet your requirements for different shipping items and payment items.

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