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Flour Bolting cloth

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Flour Bolting cloth with fine screening and filtration properties: a monofilament thread woven fabric suitable for flour processing. Comparison of different fabrics, general specifications are listed.

Bolt-grade monofilament polyester fabrics are mostly cut to fit flour milling screens or filters. It is also used as a fine screen printing net. Conventional monofilament polyester mesh fabrics stretch under tension: the higher the tension level, the more the yarn stretches. In the case of excessive tension, the thread reaches its "plastic deformation" point and the mesh will no longer maintain tension.


Flour processing is a grinding and separation process that is performed by a roller mill, a sifter and a purifier. R&K offers a wide range of high quality screening fabrics and bolt fabrics for milling applications. Our range of flour mill grids has been carefully adapted to meet the specific requirements of the flour processing industry and to provide optimum screening efficiency and longest life.

In the early days, natural silk bolt cloth was the standard. Today, synthetic fibers have replaced silk used in flour processing. The table below shows the difference between silk and synthetic fabrics.

nylon flour mesh specification

nylon flour mesh specification

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